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Julie & Wendell Bird

This was a great wedding last weekend. The ceremony was at The Peachtree Presbyterian Church and the reception was at the beautiful Swan House. The weather was wonderful, the band ( Del Baroni & “On the Air” Orchestra ) has taken the lead for being my favorite and the atmosphere the entire day was relaxed and sophisticated. Here are a few shots from the day.

I love this reflection on the back of the Rolls Royce.

Congratulations Julie and Wendell. HERE’S YOUR SLIDESHOW!


This is my neice, Emily, who turned 7 last week and her Aunt Stacey threw her the cutest birthday party I’ve ever seen. It was held at a salon called Clippity Do Da which is totally tailored to children. They can sit in an airplane or police car for their first haircut and watch a Disney movie while they’re at it. Birthday parties are an absolute hit! All the girls got to dress up, then had hair, nails and makeup done. And that’s not all! After they were completely glamorized, they all walked 2 doors down to a back-in-time ice cream and candy store called Scoops for their favorite flavor. It was adorable and I would highly recommend it if you are planning your little darling’s birthday and want something hip and fun.

The princess closet in the back is packed with fun dress up dresses, shoes, hats…you name it!

Parading into Scoops for some ice cream.

Happy Birthday Emily! We all love you. CHECK OUT YOUR SLIDESHOW!

My Beautiful sister, Cloey

A few of you have emailed me asking how my sister Cloey is doing, I posted on her a few months ago. I wanted to thank you for your prayers and concern. Her baby, Daniel, is 2 months old now and he is very, very loved. for those of you who do not know, Cloey was diagnosed with breast cancer about the same time she found out she was pregnant with her fourth child. The doctors all advised her to abort the baby and seek chemo and radiation therapy, and she said very clearly, ‘no’. She and her husband Paul believe that children are a gift from God and they wanted this child. so she said that she was willing to put her life on the line so that this child might live. And she has. Daniel was born on February 7, 2007. He is perfect.

Cloey has had about 6 blood transfusions to elevate her hemoglobin count which has been very low since the birth. The tumor is about the size of a cantelope and she is hallucinating with frequent fevers. she has lost over 40 pounds, has very little energy and most of the time, cannot communicate with much clarity. There is a huge support team including friends and family that rotates almost 24/7 to take care of her and her 4 children. It is heartbreaking to see her in this state. For those of you, and us, her family, who believe that Jesus is that same today as He has always been, and IS able to heal the sick, it is still a test of faith. It’s easy to say you believe, but when it comes right down to it, do you really believe? When your eyes see something that tell you otherwise, can you trust?

From the beginning of diagnosis, Cloey said that she would not go the common route of treatment. This causes problems for a lot of people. Her husband has had to withstand a barage of accusations and questions from people that he knows and loves and even some he doesn’t. Her faith has not waivered. She has danced in front of the entire church to a song that says ” I have to believe”…..

She is living out her faith in God and walking in obedience to what she said He told her to do.

You can’t argue with what someone says the lover of their soul told them to do. He didn’t tell me, or you, or anyone else. He told her.

Look anywhere in the world and you will see lots of people who have sold out to a variety of things. Money, power, sex, the accolades of man, there is a constant pull of things that vie for our loyalty. Cloey is sold out to Jesus Christ. She challenges us all. She inspires and makes us question what we really believe.

She trusts Him.

She said that she would lay down her life so that her son might live. No greater love is there than this.

As the creator of all things looks down on the earth and asks… ‘Will I find faith anywhere on the earth?’

She will say “yes”. Not with her mouth, but with all that she is and does.

I understand if this update challenges you. One thing I know for sure, the only absolute truth comes from God the father, through His son Jesus Christ. That is eternal. This life is only temporary. She is living her life with the eternal in mind.

She had a good day last Friday. Here is a photo of her with her son Daniel. If you believe, please add her to your prayers.

An angel in my arms

I am so in love with with my Zoe. Her name is Greek and it means “abundant life.” She certainly has that. She smiles more than any baby I know. It is such a joy to wake up and see her. ( Yes, she sleeps with us ) The first thing she does is smile. I mean, a BIG smile. What a way to start the day. My young apprentice Madison took these pictures of us. Good job, baby.

It’s the season for engagements

Spring is in full swing and so are the e-sessions. The weather has been wonderful, it seems like we skipped the cool spring weather and went straight into an early summer. Until today… It was freezing! I’ve shot 5 e-sessions in the last 2 weeks, here’s a peek at some of my ’07 weddings.

This is Julie and Wendall, they are my next wedding and I can’t wait! They have the most beautiful venue…The Swan House. It is a stunning castle built in 1928 and I am thrilled to be shooting there at the end of this month. We started at Wendall’s house, which was also a gorgeous piece of architecture. He designed it himself and it has some very interesting features. They have a great story about how they met, Julie felt like she was supposed to pray for 30 days straight for her husband-to-be, and after missing a day and starting over a few times, she pressed in and kept her commitment, Wendall called on the 31st day. God always keeps His promises.

This is Kelly and Mark, and one with their baby, “Cotton”. A fitting name because Mark is a cotton farmer. They are a super fun couple and I have made them promise to let me come down to their farm one day when the cotton is in bloom for another shoot. We’ll call it the “we did” session, since they will probably be married by then.

Tanya and Jonathon will be getting married this October in Buckhead. It promises to be quite the grand event. They have a conflicting story about how they met, who persued who first and all. I think it has something to do with their lawyer nature. ha! They are very much in love, though, and I am really looking forward to their wedding.