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The Windy City

It’s fantastic weather here in Chicago where I’ve just shot a wedding at the beautiful Rialto Square Theatre. The entire family came along for 2 reasons.
1. Madison was a Jr. Bridesmaid as the bride was her Aunt ( that would be my ex-husband’s sister )
2. Zoe will not take a bottle. or a sippy cup. or any kind of container that holds liquid other than me, and to leave her home with my husband for 3 days would probably not be good. So we all flew up for the event and while Madison was hanging out with that side of her family, Steve and I took Zoe for a gourmet meal at Denny’s ( we couldn’t wait any longer!) and then went to Navy Pier.

Wheat toast please.
There are all kinds of things on the table to play with. Amazing, facinating, oh-the-wonder-of-it-all-jelly.Chicago shorline.

Navy Pier has a humongous ferris wheel that takes 7 1/2 minutes to go around once. It doesn’t stop so you just jump in the carriage thing at the bottom and away you go. It was windy at the top with a great view.

I love watching people and this was a great place for that. We stood in front of these distorted mirrors for 10 minutes laughing our heads off. Steve is a goof ball and was pulling really dorky faces and I just about peed my pants several times. I think there were a few people standing back watching him and they were pretty entertained by the whole show.

We hung out on the grass for a while and laughed with Zoe as she tried to stand up on her own. She would fall and just giggle.

It’s hard for me to grasp how big Lake Michigan is. I mean, you can’t see the other side and if you went really fast on a boat, you still would’nt get there in a day. That’s just plain B-I-G

It only took Zoe a minute to get used to the cool sand. Then she was all over it.

  • Sissy - She is sooo incredibly CUTE I can’t even stand it!! Looks as though you are well!! 😉 Just wanted to say a little HI!ReplyCancel

  • Shawna Herring Photography - Hi Sissy! Thanks for stopping by!ReplyCancel

  • Six Simms Singing - Awwww, how fun! How stinkin’ funny is Steven? Oh my!

    I could eat Zoe! She is so precious!

    Love you!ReplyCancel

  • Six Simms Singing - In one of those pics, you and Steven have such big heads and Zoe is so small! It’s like you are the Conehead family! Ha! Do you scarf down subway sandwiches, too???


  • valerie - Okay…I love these pictures, but for probably a very different reason than most people have. I love it that YOU’RE in them! It must be hard being THE photographer. I mean, when you’re the best at taking pictures, how do you possibly get pictures of YOU with your children? Not that I’m comparing myself to you, but I’m the person in the family who always has the camera and who is always taking the pictures everywhere we go. I have finally come to terms with having to ask everyone, “Hey. Will you take a picture of ME with Brittain, please?” I used to be embarassed, but now I just do it and don’t care. Anyway, these pictures make me smile and I especially love the ones of you and Zoe together. I just love mothers and daughters!ReplyCancel

  • Shawna Herring Photography - It’s my husband! I’ve trained him well and although I don’t do it as much as i should, I just give him the camera and say ” will you take some photos of me and Zoe, please?” He always does an amazing job and it reminds me to give it to him more often. He he. and the camera too.ReplyCancel

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