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I felt like the Paparazzi!

Right now I’m working on Tanya and Jonathon’s wedding from last weekend. It took place in Buckhead and not only did it have many unique aspects to it, ( wait till you see the cake and the decor! ) it was also filmed by the reality TV show “Platinum Weddings.” If you haven’t seen it, it airs on WE TV once a week and showcases exceptional weddings with all the details on the couple and the event. Let me just say that it was a challenge that made my heart beat a little faster than normal. At times there were more camera crew in a room than people in the wedding. The filming crew had 3 separate teams, which consisted of 3 members each along with the locally hired videographers which counted in 3 more. I loved the challenge of it and I just want to say….”I was victorious!” I stood my ground and got some amazing shots! I’m not sure when the show airs, I’ll keep you posted and in the meantime, here’s a look at what I’m talking about.

This kind of sign always adds to the excitement.
Certain churches do not allow photography from anywhere except the balcony. I was told that I could take one photo of the bride waiting to make here entrance down the aisle and under no circumstances did they want to see my face when the doors opened.
I practiced my sprinting that day as the stairs were at the end of a long hall and their were 2 flights to get to the bridge and another to get to the deck. Oh! the rush of it all!

One of the biggest reasons that everything went so smoothly, inspite of all the action, was the amazing job that Wedding Soiree Consultancy did of coordinating the event. Gail and Hester were such a pleasure to work with, along with their 4 assistants. Great job everyone! I am really excited to show off the work of the Edge Design Group as well so check back in a few days and see for yourselves.

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