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Monthly Archives: February 2008

Random Family Photos

I’m back in Georgia. It was so good to spend a week with my family in Utah. There’s just nothing like family. We all have ourView full post »

John Charles Fillmore

I love my dad. It always hits me so much more when I see him. I moved away from Utah 20 years ago and at the time, I was totally happy toView full post »

Charlie bit me

I watch this over and over and still keep laughing. That Brittish accent just adds to the charm. Adult Version.View full post »

Linze, Steve and Baby makes 3

My niece is due in 4 weeks and her Dad’s wife Brittany has a super cool interior design store called Walls in SLC. I’m talkinView full post »

Home sweet home

Next week is winter break for GA schools so I brought the girls back to Utah for a week to hang out with the family. My niece is 36 weeksView full post »


Check out the new website! It goes along with the new Logo. YAY! I would love to get your feedback on the new site. I will be updatingView full post »

Leslie + Hampton {Savannah, GA}

I’m so glad to be back! This is my first official e-session of this year and it will also be my first wedding of 2008. So ofView full post »

Mission Complete. Photos of me

I never have photos of me. Well, I shouldn’t say “never” but it’s very rare. I’m launching my new websiteView full post »

“C” is for cookie

Zoe has her own little chair that she loves to sit in. and get up. and sit down. and get up. and sit down. It’s the cutest thing.View full post »

Not fun

It’s been one of those days. Too much to do and not enough time. High hopes met with dissapointments. Struggling to communicateView full post »

Super Tuesday

In between rain, it’s so warm. I’m ready to thaw. We had some girl time on the trampoline after I took Madison to the polls.View full post »

Capital Cities Tour 2008

I have a confession. Before this year I have only been mildly interested in politics I believed, like many others out there, that itView full post »