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Monthly Archives: May 2008


Absolutely adorable. They were born April 21, 2008. Arriving almost 2 months early by emergency C-section, Arden came first at 4 lbs 11View full post »

Moved to tears.

I’m not kidding. You have to check out Gregory Colbert’s exhibit. Take some time and go through the site. It’sView full post »

Lindsay and William Moffitt. May 24, 2008

It was an awesome day all around. We started off at the fabulous Mary Jane’s place. She is a makeup artist/ hair stylist/ portraitView full post »

Wedding Ring Quest

One of the things that I love to do at weddings is find a unique way to shoot wedding rings. I start looking for unique ideas as soon asView full post »


She is 11 Full of joy and wonder I can see the struggle she has at times trying to make sense of the world…ofView full post »


So you know those chocolate covered sunflower seeds? (if not, you are SO missing out!) Well, Zoe loves them and her little fingers justView full post »

I’ve been cheating on you, blogger.

I didn’t want to do it either, for lots of reasons. A big one is time. I feel crunched for time as it is and committing to anotherView full post »

Happy Mother’s Day

with a big fat kiss from our big fat cat, Roxy.View full post »


I am running a full page ad in The Atlantan Brides magazine this summer. My goal is to be different. Every other photographer uses aView full post »

Makes me wanna have another!

This is my friend Jodi and her 2 month old hunk of love, Liberty. Words would be useless for this post, it’s more like a heartView full post »


It was the 3rd annual party thrown in honor of brides, past and future, by the dynamic team at Wedding Soiree. They are a full-serviceView full post »

Danielle + Steven

They are getting married in July and they have one of the cutest engagement stories. The cute that makes you say “AWWWW” withView full post »