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Make a choice.


  1. Not gloat if my candidate wins the election.
  2. Not be bitter in my disappointment if my candidate does not win.
  3. Not begin looking to the next election already to plan any strategy if my candidate does not win.
  4. Accept the official results of any close election calls, even if my candidate loses.
  5. Not be disrespectful of the president-elect by making insulting or vulgar plays on his name. I will afford him the respect due his office by not calling him anything other than his title and name.
  6. Not make derisive and divisive remarks about the president-elect.
  7. Refrain from fomenting hatred and disrespect on the part of others for the president-elect.
  8. Not seek ways to bring down, belittle, or defame the president-elect.
  9. Refrain from looking for dirt to dig up about the president-elect.
  10. Pray for a peaceful transition of power.
  11. Pray for less acrimony and more unity in this country; more bi-partisan cooperation and less partisan pettiness.
  12. Pray for the president-elect on the day after election day and also throughout his presidency that he might make wise decisions that are best for the country.
  13. Trust God who establishes kings (rulers) and kingdoms (nations). He is Sovereign. And He is still on His throne.
  14. Praise God that His will will be accomplished with and in and through the president-elect.
  15. Give thanks to God that I still live in a nation where I have the freedom to vote without fear, where I can express my opinion without fear, where I can worship God whatever way I want without fear.

  • Jessica - I love this blog!! God has everything in His hands! I WILL pray for the people surrounding our soon to be President.ReplyCancel

  • Linze - I’m proud of you for doing these things, and I can totally do 2-15. But…..

    Obama won!!!!!! HOOOOOOOOOOOORAY!ReplyCancel

  • Lori - Virgil said he couldn’t do number 8, I think. He said he would be tactful, but still willing to provide information the media won’t. 🙂 Either way, here we are. Did you get my email?ReplyCancel

  • Tammy - Amen, sister. God is good and His will IS being accomplished in ALL that He does. I am so hopeful and praying that this means unity in our country between all races and that we will be One Nation Under God!ReplyCancel

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