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Monthly Archives: December 2008

Yo, Bust a Move!

Yesterday I shot the wedding of Brinsley Thrash and Beau Thigpen. It was a total treat. In fact, after attending their rehearsal dinnerView full post »


I went to Dialog in the Dark today at Atlantic Station. It was amazing. They take groups of 10 people and lead them around in the darkView full post »

Blue Ridge Mountains

As if I haven’t been out of town enough in the past month, we decided to take a quick trip to “The Mountains.” *laugh*View full post »

I was accepted! yay!

I could copy and paste what this means or even change it into my own words but basically it just means that I just became even moreView full post »

My Neice is Adorable.

How can she be so cute?  Only 3 days old and she is already a heart breaker.  Ashley cries when she looks at her, overwhelmed by how muchView full post »

Baby bird

It had been a long 18 hours for Ashley and Cade by the time they called me to come. She was 9 days past her due date and it was withView full post »

My Sister is a Grandmother

Believe me, the only reason I even dare to say that is because she looks HOT! I hope that when I get that old become a grandma, I lookView full post »

Old and new memories

Whenever I come home I love going with my dad on a drive. It doesn’t really matter where we go, it’s usually the mountainsView full post »

Oh Christmas Tree

We helped Nana decorate her tree on Sunday. Well, Madison and Zoe did. Zoe had learned her colors and is talking so much more sinceView full post »

Mary + Casey {engagements 11.21.08}

I met with Mary and Casey last week for the first time. I was hired through their wedding coordinator because they live out of state soView full post »