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Old and new memories

Whenever I come home I love going with my dad on a drive. It doesn’t really matter where we go, it’s usually the mountains but wherever it is, he always has stories to tell. He has lived here for 63 years so he’s seen a lot of changes and he always seems to know the latest scoop as well.  When Ashley got in the truck, he told her of an old wives tale that states if an overdue pregnant woman wants to induce labor then she should go for a ride on a bumpy road.  We tried….it didn’t work.

There is something so comforting about these gigantic mountains. I never knew how much I missed them until I moved somewhere flat. Even Madison said when we landed last week that there was something so welcoming about them. I agree.

We drove up to MIdway to the “Hot Pots” as my dad called them, (he had some stories about those too and his younger days)  This one in particular is used for scuba diving lessons.  We walked through a tunnel to the 65 foot deep pool right underneath the opening at the top of the crater.  Did I mention the water is a warm 95 degrees?

The cave is about 60 feet across and the water is a beautiful luminous blue. You can see the cage used for lowering divers beneath the floaties.  At the bottom of the crater is a layer of silt around 12 feet deep, divers are limited to a depth of 45 feet as to not stir it up.  The walls are mineral deposits left by the hot spring waters. Would you want to get in?

The ramp sits on the water and the light is coming from the opening at the top.  It was pretty darn cool. To learn more, click here.

  • ashley - oooo. you are up late! just kidding ten thirty is nothing. that crater light is amazing. should have taken more advantage of it.ReplyCancel

  • ron storer - that cave is so bizarre…i would think it would feel really weird going in.ReplyCancel

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