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New York, New York! day 1

I arrived in New York yesterday for Nikki and Nathan’s engagment session. They’re getting married in Atlanta in October but since they live here we thought it would be fabulous to do their shoot in the Big Apple.  I have never been here before and it certainly hasn’t disappointed.  Nikki and her sweet mom Catherine picked me up at the airport and first I checked into the Hotel, which is so cool because it’s in a neighborhood and looks like a home. (condo, apartment)  It’s called a Brownstone and I love it. We drove around the city for a few hours and Nikki gave me the low down on how the city grid works, the bus system and subway, and gave me 2-24 hour passes to both.  It was a blast!  My mind just raced with photo ideas, opportunities and cool things to do and see.

I’ve never seen a 2 story McDonalds. Every single building seemed to be at least 2 stories, even when I flew in, I looked down and realized that there wasn’t just a section with tall buildings, they seem to be everywhere!

I think this was just before crossing the bridge to go to Brooklyn. There was a super nice older lady on the flight that gave me a lesson on the “Burrows,” I had no idea what she meant. New York consists of 5 burrows. Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Statton Island, and Queens.

She dropped me off at my Hotel around 6:30 p.m. and I have to admit, I came in and sat here for abaout 15 minutes to syche myself up into going out alone. The other option was to sit in here the rest of the night and that just wasn’t an option so I walked a few block, found a bus stop, hopped on and went to The Metroplitan Museum of Art. It was amazing, enormous and I only had a little over an hour to try and take it all in before they closed at 9. I don’t think I saw even half of what was there but here are a few things I did see.

This was part of an exhibit call Muse and it was all about the history of fashion. It was very cool and no photographs were allowed.  🙂

When I walked outside, it was totally dark, people eveywhere and I only panicked for a split second. LOL. I had to walk about 8 blocks to get to the right bus, which was actually the wrong bus but I didn’t find out until it made a turn that I knew wasn’t right. Nikki told me that if I got lost, just don’t act like it. My mind raced for a bit and then I had to ask. Where is 116th street? Too funny. I had to walk a but farther than if I had got on the correct bus but it was still great. I think you could walk just about any block or two and find whatever you need. Bank, restaraunt, laundry, CVS, shopping, real estate….here’s a nice place for you if you would like to relocate. Oh, and if you can’t read the price at the bottom…it’s only $55,000. A MONTH!!

  • KCarla - I saw your NYC photos on FB but am glad I came to your blog to have been able to get the dialog with them! Great photos! I’m so glad that you ventured out into the city!!ReplyCancel

  • gail - Wish I was there… So glad you had a chance to shoot some fab pixs in the city. Can’t wait to see the engagement pixs – have fun time in NYC!ReplyCancel

  • Jody - Wow! Can’t wait to see more photos! I’m so happy to see you’re having a good time!ReplyCancel

  • Nikki - Shawna, you’re so BRAVE!! LOL! I’m so proud of you! You did a great job and I can’t wait until you come back to visit with your family. We had a blast and I’m so looking forward to future shoots with you!!! Love ya!ReplyCancel

  • Lori - $55K a MONTH???????


    You rock the camera, Shawna! Awesome!ReplyCancel

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