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Leah + Joseph {10 twenty-four 09}

Leah and Joseph were married at Temple Sinai and everything went perfect. I mean, it was perfect! Ususally there is at least one glitch or two but Terry Saxe was on the job and it was smooth as butter.

Both Leah and Joseph were always in the moment and quite relaxed. Family and friends had a blast and the reception rocked on the dance floor.  Here are some of my favorite images.

Blood lilies adornedthe wedding party while white lilies filled the reception with wonderful aroma. Eventscapes did an amazing job of transforming an ordinary room into a beautiful atmosphere.

Leah and Joseph met before the ceremony, which I LOVE, and the window behind them was filled with bridesmaids and moms. I could almost hear the *sighs* and giggles as they watched their reactions and first moments together on their wedding day.

They never took their eyes of each other during the first dance. It was so sweet.

So I have to say how amazing this band was. Bobby and the Aristocats were the most entertaining band I have ever worked with. They put on such a fabulous show that it felt like we should have had tickets to be there. Bobby was always working the crowd, leading, dancing and keeping everyone engaged. It was great.

The toasts were hilarious. Dad was tender and mushy as all dads are but the best man and Leah’s two sisters had everyone roaring.

Getting great dancing shots is so much more challenging that you might think. It’s a continual movement and freezing one split second of it usually takes away so much of the bigger picture. I’m putting this photo in because the girl in the middle was almost as entertaining as the band. She was so fun to watch because she was having so much fun. If you are worried about people dancing at your wedding, you should invite her, she’ll get ‘em going.

Catering: Endive
Cake: Frosted Pumpkin
Hair: Nadia Jovan
Makeup: Wendy Role
Chivari Chairs: Have a seat
Videographers: Daneman Video

It was a fabulous night for sure. Congratulations Leah and Joseph!  {{{{{Check out the slideshow}}}}}}