Ruiz Family

Dean Ruiz is a genius and his wife, Gabby is a sals-dancing-manager-extrodainaire-hot-mama.
I am the one who gets blessed by knowing them. Dean has been working with me this year as an intern in the wedding photography business. He is an absolute genius in his own right and I find myself going to him for wisdom and instruction way more than he comes to me for experience.
They are rockin hot salsa teachers (undercover) and they inspire me with their devotion to one another and their love for God.

They are made in the image of their Creator and therfore, they create.  Thalia is a pordict of pure love. A blossom of two hearts.

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  1. Gabi said . . .


    Not only are you exceedingly talented, but your sweet personality and love for the world is exuded in all that you do. You have this amazing capacity to disarm people with your warmth, charm and sense of humor. We’re so impressed with your professionalism and uncanny ability to make others feel so esteemed. I feel like we’ve known you for a lifetime. You’ve left an indelible mark on our hearts and we are filled with gratitude to have come to know someone so charismatic, so genuine, so raw, so real. You’re a beautiful woman.. Within you exists an internal flame that burns- a fire that tells a story of pain, redemption and Victory. The love of God is evident every time I look into your eyes. Dean and I would like to thank you for your patience in sharing Your Wisdom, Your Expertise, Your Years of trying, failing, adjusting and Succeeding. We appreciate you beyond words, and are humbled each and every time that we are privileged to be in your presence. Thank you for capturing such precious moments for our family. You are The Genius, and your sound character, integrity and love for our Creator make you that much more.. Beautiful.

    We Love You So Much!

    Dean, Gabrielle and Baby Thalia

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