Bella the baby {2 twenyfour 10}

She arrived on Valentines Day and she was instantly the baby of the family. Part Labrador, part German Shepherd and all puppy. She pees on the floor, chews on everything, whines when she’s left alone and thinks the furniture was made for her. It’s like I have another baby and I am in love. Why? Because she is super happy when she sees me, she brings pure joy to my kids, she wants all of my attention, she falls asleep on my lap and she wants to be where ever I am. Ah…..the joy of man’s woman’s best friend.

Her favorite place to sleep is in Zoe’s “crybaby crib”

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  1. Jody said . . .

    I’m sure you’ll cherish the photo of her in Zoe’s crib when she is big enough to drag you down the street!

    Posted February 25, 2010 at 8:31 pm | Permalink

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