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Cecilia Bailey

She’s about to take the world by storm.

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Jenny + Jared {5 twenty three 10}

Before the actual ceremony, a contract is signed to offically ‘engage’ the couple. Family and friends are present and then the coolest thing happens. The groom, as a sign that he is marrying his bride not only for her outward beauty but for the beauty that resides within, gently brings her veil forward before she walks down the aisle. I simply love Jewish weddings.


Coordinator: Weddings by Felissa

Venue: The Westin

Florist: Flower Designs by Joan

Videographer: Mike Henry

Band: Us Beat

Mr. + Mrs. Michael Aoko {5 fifteen ’10}

Walking into Zandra’s room on the 10th floor of the 4 Seasons Hotel in downtown Atlanta, there was the distinct feel of determination and integrity. She knew exactly what she wanted and nothing was going to stop the year’s worth of planning from proceeding onto a flawless event.

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as much as I would love to say something really amazing, the plain truth is that Zandra looked AMAZING. She was calm, focused and had a determined face that was set like flint. Like a jewel.

The team that she had hired only added spark to every minute…

Flawless Coordinating by Wedding Soiree
Jewel studded boques by Floral Matters

Hair and makeup by Scoobie West
Videography by Sterling Barley

This photo is a total Cinderella shot..I wish I would have made her leave a shoe on the stairs.

Zandra was a very fashionable bride with 3 dress changes. She suprised her new husband with the sexy little number when the DJ announced that Mrs. Aoko had a surprise for him and placed him on the dance floor as she glided her way back into the ballroom.

Many of the guests wore traditional Nigerian attire to the ceremony and as the evening progressed, more people snuck away only to return transformed. I think for some it might have been their first time in such dress. Zandra and Michael compliment each other in the same patterend fabric while her mother contrasts them in this beautiful green print.

I had asked a few of the women about the head dress, what type of fabric it was and how difficult was the process and I was pleasantly surprised when a few of the woman had to be helped in the hallway to the ballroom. The process was surprisingly quick for somone who had no doubt had plenty of practice. The material was as crisp as paper.

Just when you think you have the biggest hat….

Nigerian weddings have a fabulous tradition of a “money spray” where the couple is sprayed with crisp new bills as they dance.

Guests were treated with homemade tea in adorable little jars as the night came to a close.

A friend of mine, Julie Harnage, has been second shooting with me for the last few months and I really like these shots of hers.

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Zandra + Michael {e-session}

In Zandra’s words, “We met in the parking lot at church one gorgeous spring day.  It was not by chance.  I think Michael had it all planned out. I say (jokingly) that he had been stalking me.  Of course, his account of how we met is different; he says I was scoping him out for weeks, but my story is the “true” version.  Michael and I have known each other for almost 3 years.  It did not take us long to realize we wanted to spend our lives together.  We got engaged earlier this year, and in just a few months planned a wedding and here we are! 

 It’s a Nigerian wedding and I’m really excited about it. Don’t know what that looks like? Me either….Stay tuned…..

Rachel Roy

I had just heard about Rachel Roy the day before when the Atlantan magazine called me and asked if I could cover the “Meet and Greet” at Macy’s. I’m serious. I saw her on some news special talking about the kind of person she was and how she has become one the hottest fashion designers appealing to today’s generation. There was an informal fashion show and DJ Heather B spun tunes that kept everyone tapping toes and gently grooving while they waited in line for a chance to get an autograph/picture with Rachel. I was surprised that she took so much time with each person. Not only is she gorgeous but she was genuinly sweet as well. Oh, and her clothes are awesome too!