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Lakesha + Keltric Goff {05 one 10}

Certain things stand out to me at a wedding as a photographer. The most influential factor is usually the personalities and interactions of people, because that’s what makes each wedding unique in it’s own way. There will never be 2 weddings alike because wrapped up in a 12 hour event is lifetime and experience of so many people, mixed together, gently stirred and sometimes shaken. It’s continually poured out as the day progresses and believe me, I’ve seen a many a mix. If I were to name the end result of Lakesha and Keltric’s wedding day I would have to call if JOY (great happiness) Or maybe GLEE (extreme happiness). Any word that expresses the action of expressing delight would be appropriate because that’s just how it felt…even for me.

Villa Christinaprovided the garden environment and it couldn’t have been more perfect as the random clouds held back the rain and provided shade and ever changing light. (haha, ok, that part could have been better but that’s it!)

Laura at The Perfect Stemdid an amazing job on the flowers and purple was definatly the color of choice accented with emerald green.

I love these photos of Lakesha and friends because it’s a perfect capture of the joy that filled the day. It was uncontainable.  Both her and Keltric’s friends just cracked me up all day long.  It made the day so much fun.

The first dances with the parents were very touching, I think everyone cried when Keltric danced with his mom. I know I did.

Gail and Hester of Wedding Soiree kept everything moving along and it’s always such a pleasure working with them and their entire entourage.

Ok, so this is where it went off the hook. For those of you (myself included) who didn’t belong to a college sorority, they all know a certain dance, one that’s been passed down from year to year. Lakesha’s Delta song has her placed in the middle of the dance floor with all her sorority sisters encircling here with arms joined. They serenade her and she is the center of all attention while the song is played, surrounded by her closest friends. I’ve seen it many a times and it’s a very cool tradition but Keltric’s Omega fraternity was so dang energetic and heart pumping that for the first time ever, I took off all my camera gear and danced for at least 2 songs after they were finished.  I mean IT WAS COOL!

The dancing went on and on from that point thanks to Urban Legends DJ, DJ TRON I almost had a hard time getting back into “photograper mode”.  No thanks to Jerome, either. Lol

Bubbles and a white Rolls Royce finished off the event and Mr. and Mrs. Goff rode off happily into the moonlight.

Congratulations Lakesha and Keltric. Thanks for such a fun wedding!
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Lisa + Bryan {e-session}

When I asked Lisa to tell me something interesting about Bryan she told me that’s he’s super super organized. He’s a great planner too, like, way more than normal. She told me how he asked her to marry him by planning this secret trip to the Bahamas, with a detour beginning at a hotel location where the ring came on a tray as part of her breakfast choices. She said yes and was then asked to dress because a car was waiting downstairs to take them on their very-well-planned-engagement vacations where both sets of parents awaited their arrival. I looked at Bryan and told him that he had just made every other guy about to propose so much less cooler than he was.
Bryan is a financial investor and he reads people very well so when he first met Lisa he was intrigued because she was a “tough read.” There’s a lot more to her than the obvious brains and beauty so he set out on a quest to win her love. He was successful and they’ll be getting married this fall at the Botanical Gardens of Atlanta.
We shot their engagment photos on Emory campus to signify where they met and fell in love.

Congratulations Lisa and Bryan, see you in a few months!

American School of the Hague {D.C. reunion}

3 years ago I photographed a rehersal dinner for Irene and Trevor at her parents house in north Atlanta. She grew up in Saudi Arabia as an oil brat (her words, not mine) and attended high school in Holland at the American School of the Hague.  She lives in D.C. now with her husband Trevor who jet sets back and forth from London and if you ask her what she does, it’s quite amusing to hear her try to explain it herself. Let’s just say she is very smart and does very cool stuff.  Lol.  I was very fortunate to travel to the capitol to photograph a dinner party at a restaraunt called America in Union Station.  The weekend was a reunion of multiple graduating years and I was able spend some time with Irene and Trevor and meet some wonderful new people.  Thanks for having me, Irene.  I would travel anywhere for you!   

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