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Alexi and Jason ~ High Falls Engagements

Sometimes when I meet with brides about shooting their weddings and it feels very business like, we process what we can do for oneView full post »

Marcela + Luke’s Engagements ~Bogota, Colombia~

This is a real life fairytale story. By that I mean that it could only be orchestrated by something so much bigger than the two of them.View full post »

Tamara + Ron {engagements}

I love being around engaged couples. I love observing how they interact with one another and the non-verbal communication that goes onView full post »

Rhoneda + Anthony {engagements}

They have incredible energy together and it keeps things exciting being around them. Anthony is constantly joking around and making herView full post »

Zandra + Michael {e-session}

In Zandra’s words, “We met in the parking lot at church one gorgeous spring day.  It was not by chance.  I think Michael hadView full post »

Amy + Jason {engagements}

They have crazy schedules, live in different states, he loves to dream about his future car and she is a super model living undercover asView full post »

Nikki + Nate

This is my new york couple, Nikki and Nate. They’re getting married in October and I’m super excited about their wedding.View full post »


Courtney and Jeff will be wed in 37 days. I can’t wait. Jeff is very proud of his Scottish background and so I was super excitedView full post »

Courtney + Jeff {engagements}

They were set up by Courtney’s Aunt. The whole thing was totally planned and it has taken off from the very beginning. The perfectView full post »

MAR + ET’CHANE 06.08.08

They are such a fun couple. Mar is a classic beauty. She has such a sweet feminine look and Et’chane is stylish and confident andView full post »

Danielle + Steven

They are getting married in July and they have one of the cutest engagement stories. The cute that makes you say “AWWWW” withView full post »

Scottie + Andrew

I met with Scottie and Andrew at Stone Mountain to shoot their e-session and was shocked to hear that they are moving to Detroit rightView full post »