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Intentionally adjusting perspective

Do you ever find yourself in a rut? Knowing in your mind what you ‘ought’ to be doing but finding yourself repeadtedly doingView full post »

Bella the baby {2 twenyfour 10}

She arrived on Valentines Day and she was instantly the baby of the family. Part Labrador, part German Shepherd and all puppy. She peesView full post »

Haiti relief trip {1 twenty-four 10}

I’ve been stalling to blog about this trip. Trying to put what I saw and experienced into words that could be as powerful as theView full post »

Dora overload

Don’t get me wrong, I love Dora, I really do. I watch her every day (sometimes from the other room) and I sing her songs (sometimesView full post »

Me and my girls {01 three 10}

I’m so blessed to have my sister photograph me with my girls. As you know, photographers are rarely in the picture so we took anView full post »

The great Pumkin {10 twenty 09}

What is it about fall that captures me so much? Is it the idea of harvesting? The reward of so much effort put into something? TheView full post »

My Zoe Girl

My beautiful baby girl.View full post »

Mini me. {07 twenty three 09}

She’s almost 3. That’s hard to believe! 2 more months and she will add an entire number to her age. She’s aView full post »

Good friends, Good times {central coast, ca}

Our good friend Aaron is a total artist, photographer, surfboard shaper and all around cool guy. His back yard is a maze of koi ponds,View full post »

California Dreaming. 06.10.09

This morning we went to our friend Aaron’s house, ate a few doughnuts, looked for fish in murky water, checked out kite surfingView full post »

Big Givers Rock! {haiti dress donation}

It was time for the mini wedding dress shop in the basement to go.  We needed our space back so this morning I took all the dressesView full post »

Yay! I placed twice in the Q4 08 contest!

I’m very proud that I placed 9th in two separate categories in the last quarterly contest of 08 on WPJA It’s a worldwideView full post »