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I met Melissa and Demetrius at the beginning of the year (see here) and fell in love with baby M even before I met her. Needless to say I was thrilled to get the call that they were ready for their next family portrait session. I arrived to meet another member of the family who had been soaking up as much baby love as she could possibly get. Mima’s (Nana’s, Gigi’s, aka Grandma’s) are the best to have around while adjusting to the new life of being a parent.
Oh be still my beating heart!

When I was a little girl I had a Holly Hobby canopy bed.  I had a HH doll and I would even draw HH’s all the time.  This is a picture perfect HH hat with beautiful full cheeks.




Sometimes when I meet with brides about shooting their weddings and it feels very business like, we process what we can do for one another, analize the match, sleep on it and see what happens and other times I leave thinking to myself, “Whether or not she hires me, I would love to be her friend.” That’s the vibe I had after meeting with Alexi and talking about life, travels, love and the future. So obviously I was extra happy when she informed me that I had won out the competion and we could begin planning for their engagement photos.
They are both fans of the outdoors, they love animals, and are the opposite of high maintenance so we choose High Falls Park in the heat of the afternoon and laughed and had a blast. Tru the dog kept us all entertained. We sweat a LOT too.

Because she can.

Danny from The Savage Garden is nothing short of a genious. His alter piece was AMAZING.  Go ahead, check him out. 

The bride and groom aren’t really crazy about cake so they brought in options. You can have your cake and eat other stuff too!
This image is one of my favorite from the wedding and here’s why. The dark blue dress on the right is Tamara’s mom. The light blue dress is her stepmom. I know that not everyone is able to mend and move on to reconcile in a way and Tamara not only had 2 ‘moms’ there but her 2 ‘dads’ were there as well (the black suits) and the love that they all have for their daughter was tangible. More often than not, divorced parents hardly speak to each other and sometimes it’s even awkward to take photographs together but this family, I’m happy to say, displayed something above and beyond the usual and I for one, recognized it felt admiration and respect for their relationships.

Congratulations, Tamara and Ron.  It was so much fun getting to know you and your family.  I left the event feeling like a richer person.  Muah!
The fabulous vendors that made it all possible.
Coordinators: Wedding Soiree
Caterer: Proof of the Pudding
Florist: The Savage Garden
Makeup: Nickey Martin Makeup
Hair: Dedra Allen
DJ: Anthony Cook
Lighting: Spectrum
Videographers: Timepiece Videography
Officiant: Rev. Martin Odom
Cake: Classic Cheesecakes

Wanna see more?  {{{{{{{{{{{{Check out their slideshow}}}}}}}}}}}}}

it’s a serious effort for me to not call them Ken and Barbie. I mean that in the most classic way. They are both gorgeous in their own right but when they get together they cause some serious environmental changes. Empty the shelves, gotta get-my-copy kind of madness. I flew up to DC for the day and even though the weather was super hot and muggy, (it was actually a record breaker) they were total champs, even during the flash downpour. We spent time around the monuments, the water front and the wonderful Georgetown where we met our mutual friend Sam and headed to Jimmy’s favorite pizza place for dinner, 2Amy’s.

I had such a great time hanging out with you, Chantel and Jimmy. I simply can’t wait for next spring when we’ll all be together again in Dominican Republic. Much love to you both.

  • Jimmy Stevens - Shawna we are just blown away! These are by far the greatest pictures I’ve ever been a part of and I can’t stop staring at my fiance! She’s smokin’.

    I mean I was excited for the DR but now I can’t contain myself.

    Hats off to you for bringing out the best in us.


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