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Chris is an incredible interior decorator. I’m not kidding. She came over to my house once and I asked her what I should do with a particular ‘space’ and she looked around at the exsisting elements, moved things around, added a few items from a different room and, VOILA! I stood there with my mouth hanging open at the difference she had made and I hadn’t even bought anything! She just moved thing around in a way that I would never have thought. I have an artistic sense too so you know if i was impressed, she has to be good!
She’s also a close friend and a great mother to Morgan and Brandon.
We took an hour last week and updated their family portraits.

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I feel so fortunate when I am asked to photograph such a personal time in a woman’s life. There is such a reverence to it. The entire focus is on the life that is housed in her body. Finding ways to photograph a round belly in a way that brings all the emotion and expectation to the surface can be challenging. Afterall, it doesn’t change expressions or turn from the camera when shy, it doesn’t laugh or show any feeling, it just stays, um…well..round. But the woman who it belongs to, the one who has dreamed of the day when she will look into her baby’s eyes and hold him/her in her arms, who has felt this life grow and kick and hiccup…she is full of emotions and it’s a joy to photograph such an expression of love.

Kellen was born at 2:33 am by emergency C-section. It took all of 12 mintues from start to finish and he will bring a lifetime of joy to his parents.

All photos were taken in the comfort and privacy of the family’s home using only natural light and surrounding environments. It’s so nice that way. It so real and true to who they are as a family.
Thank you for inviting me into your lives for such an incredible event.

It knew it was going to be fun when Dyan called and told me that their venue had changed to another state. “Can you go to Vegas?” Um…*short pause* OK! They had already proven to be totally at ease in front of the camera when we shot their engagements last fall, HERE.

They chose The Spring Preserve as their wedding site which also came with the wonderful cuisine of Wolfgang Puck.

This is Brian Courtney Wilson, a wonderful gospel singer with a voice that can melt an iceberg.  He crooned out “Believe” to Dyan and Derrick at the end of their ceremony.  It’s a wonder that I was able to photograph because my equipment started to fog up.  lol

It was a beautiful wedding and as always, the full story is in the {{{{{{{{{SLIDESHOW}}}}}}}} with some of my favorite images.

Vendors who made it fun and added their own special talent:

Megan Payne and Debbie Damiano made the beautiful bride picture perfect with hair and makeup.
Michelle Lettieri coordinated the evening perfectly
Rory McAlister rocked the night with groove and style.
Flowers provided by Naakiti

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