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They were married in September of 2009 and when I delivered their album, I told them they better call me when the little Nick’s and Lorri’s were on the way. A few months ago Lorri contacted me and gave me the exciting news that sure enough, little Nick and Lorri were on the way. Chloe and Caden are due in 6 weeks and if the timing of it all works out, I will be there to photograph their arrival. Until then, we are all left with the anticipation of that day.
We met at their church in Dallas, Georgia which is always exciting to me to shoot somewhere that I have never been or even know what to expect. Maternity sessions are very intimate for the soon to be mother and sometimes awkward for the soon to be father. True to their history, Lorri and Nick came through with flying colors.

Nick is an E.R. doctor at various hospitals so the twins are getting extra TLC from their daddy.

The weather in Atlanta has been below average, with snow, freezing rain and temperatures that raise the bill from Gas South. So when Heather and Brian asked if I would fly down to their home in South Beach, Florida I didn’t have to think about it very long. I didn’t think about it at all. In fact, walking out on their patio overlooking Miami port with 5 cruise ships all in a row I thought about ways to convince them that they NEEDED a full time lifestyle photographer.
I laughed so hard while photographing the two of them. Brian is a very down-to-earth-M.D. but given a little leeway he turns into a full blown comedian that puts Zoolander to shame. I’m totally serious.

I flew back to Atlanta after spending the day with Heather and Brian even more excited about their wedding in April. It’s like my friends are coming to town to tie the knot and I get the best seat in the house. How cool is that?

Taking photos while the bride gets ready is such a fun time. The energy in the room is always exciting with bridesmaids, sisters, moms and girlsfriends and stylists all doing what they do best. I have to say that when we arrived at Carlos Munos salon, it wasn’t anything special to the eye and when I saw Carlos plug in hot rollers (HOT ROLLERS) I wondered if Marcela had picked the right salon. *Here is where I open my mouth wide and insert my big foot* It might have seemed very old school but Carlos is amazing at what her does. Hair AND makeup, he’s a 20+ year veteran who has worked with people from all over the world. Marcela has incredible beauty to begin with but he made every single woman that sat in his chair look like a bazillion bucks.

Yes, that’s a straight razor he’s using to shape her brows.

Pastor Terry fell in love all over again.

We were stopped in traffic on the way to Bahia when this old man came up to the car, looked inside and started telling Marcela how beautiful she was and repeatedly told her to “be a good bride!”

Luke and Marcela met in the chapel before the ceremony. It was perfect. I felt like I was watching something that was a pure priveledge to see.

The Wedding and Reception were held at Bahia, a breathtaking venue in the mountains above Bogota

I had to put this one in because it makes me laugh. Jeff is a crack-up.

Marcela has two handsome nephews and 2 adorable nieces who were pulled down the aisle in a white radio flyer wagon that Luke brought from California. How cute is that?

Colombian weddings are a bit different in a few ways. They typically don’t have a wedding party so the coordinator was a little confused about why there were groomsmen and brides maids walking down the aisle. The groom walks down with his mother and also carries the bouquet. ( watch the slideshow!) Then the grooms mother is the one who gives her son and the brides father, his daughter.

The ceremony was so sweet, Luke wrote and sang a song for Marcela and both sets of parents came forward to bless the couple.

There were so many amazing aspects to this weddding. The slideshow shows so much more. It was an honor to witness and be a part of such an incredible union. My heart was overflowing with peace, love and joy.

{{{{{{{{{{{{HERE IS THEIR AWESOME SLIDESHOW}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

  • Alfredo Pedrana - That most it is a wedding like this. The extraordinary, a magisterial quality photos. The place of the wedding a dream. And all the details of the wedding, the colors lavender, yellow. A subtle and delicate decoration.
    Congratulations to the bride and groom and a Hurrah, the organizers. For a long time not seen something as well.

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This is a real life fairytale story. By that I mean that it could only be orchestrated by something so much bigger than the two of them. Afterall, Luke is from California and Marcela lives in Columbia. What are the chances of these two crossing paths? Well, if you leave it up to them, probably very small but if you add God, destiny and purpose into the equation, it’s like a freight train with no brakes. That was the case with Marcela and Luke who met in 2007 in a gigantic youth conference. Luke was a big pile of jelly when he saw her and it didn’t take long for the Holy Spirit to confirm that she was, indeed, his future wife.
Can you imagine? I mean this is the most awesome, confirming voice you can ever hope to hear whispering in your ear that the one who your very eyes behold is meant to be your spouse. I don’t need to tell you that Luke was wrecked. Capitol W.
And so it began. 4 years later, during the week of the same conference, their wedding plans unfolded. Accompanied by friends and family and yours truly, we shot their engagement session in downtown Bogota.

Esta es una historia de vida de cuento de hadas real. Con esto quiero decir que sólo podía ser orquestada por algo mucho más grande que los dos de ellos. Después de todo, Lucas es de California y Marcela vive en Colombia. ¿Cuáles son las posibilidades de estos dos caminos que se cruzan? Bueno, si lo dejo a ellos, probablemente muy pequeña, pero si se añade a Dios, el destino y el propósito en la ecuación, es como un tren de carga sin frenos. Ese fue el caso de Marcela y Lucas que se reunieron en 2007 en una conferencia de jóvenes gigantesca. Lucas era un montón de gelatina cuando la vio y no pasó mucho tiempo para que el Espíritu Santo para confirmar que era, de hecho, su futura esposa.
¿Te imaginas? Quiero decir esto es lo más impresionante, la voz de confirmación de su parte nunca se puede esperar para oír susurrar en su oído que el que he aquí su ojos está destinado a ser su esposo. No necesito decirles que Lucas fue destruido. Capitolio W.
Y así empezó todo. 4 años más tarde, durante la semana de la conferencia misma, sus planes de boda se desarrolló. Acompañado por amigos y familiares y un servidor, que disparó su sesión de compromiso en el centro de Bogotá.

The rehearsal dinner was intimate and emotional. There was a very deep exchange about to happen, the Barrios family was about to watch their youngest daughter marry and move to another country, a win-lose situation for sure. The Page family was about to see their oldest son marry and bring his wife home to a new country to integrate into their family and culture. It was more than a wedding, it was a farewell, an invitation, and an incredible release and responsibility between two families. A bond that runs deep between fathers as one hands over his baby girl to the son of the other. There were tears, oh, the tears and laughs filled with hearts overflowing with every emotion you can imagine.
I should mention here that the groom’s family, the Page’s, are my spiritual family from California. Words cannot express the love and affection that I have for them and to be a part of this wedding was not only an honor but a labor of love from the depths of my heart.

La cena de ensayo fue íntimo y emocional. Hubo un cambio muy profundo a punto de suceder, la familia Barrios estaba a punto de ver a su hija menor casan y se mudan a otro país, una situación de ganar-perder con seguridad. La familia de la página estaba a punto de ver a su hijo casarse y traer a su esposa a casa a un nuevo país a integrarse a su familia y la cultura. Era más que una boda, fue una despedida, una invitación, y una versión increíble y la responsabilidad entre dos familias. Un vínculo que es muy profundo entre los padres como uno las manos sobre la niña con el hijo de la otra. Hubo lágrimas, oh, las lágrimas y risas llenas de corazones llenos de todas las emociones que pueda imaginar.
Debo mencionar aquí que la familia del novio, la página, son mi familia espiritual de California. Las palabras no pueden expresar el amor y el afecto que tengo para ellos y ser parte de esta boda no era sólo un honor sino un trabajo de amor desde lo más profundo de mi corazón

The groom’s sister, Gabrielle, made a beautiful photo album of the history of her family, beginning with Luke and Marcela and drifting backwards to encapsulate their own family and their fathers/mothers, grandfathers/grandmothers and so on. It was beautiful and such a wonderful gift for the Bride and Groom.

La hermana del novio, Gabriel, hizo un álbum de fotos hermosas de la historia de su familia, empezando por Lucas y Marcela y la deriva hacia atrás para encapsular su propia familia y sus padres / madres abuelas, abuelos / y así sucesivamente. Era hermoso y tan maravilloso regalo para la novia y el novio

Marcela’s parents are international pastors over many churches in Europe. Her father has been a Congressman for years in Columbia and her mother has a grace and responsibility about her that quietly evokes respect. I say this to give you a feel for the mood of the evening when speeches and blessings were given by every friend and family member present and M.r Barrios could not contain the depth of emotion as the reality of his daughter’s departure from his every day life was more than he could bare. This went on for what must have seemed like eternity and my own heart burst as I witnessed this father’s love for his daughter and the upcoming chapter in her life.

Los padres de Marcela son pastores internacional en muchas iglesias en Europa. Su padre ha sido un miembro del Congreso desde hace años en Colombia y su madre tiene una gracia y la responsabilidad sobre ella que evoca en silencio al respecto. Digo esto para darle una idea del estado de ánimo de la noche, cuando los discursos y las bendiciones estuvieron a cargo de cada amigo y miembro de la familia presente y Barrios Señor no pudo contener la profundidad de la emoción como la realidad de partida de su hija de su vida cotidiana se más de lo que podía desnudo. Esto sucedió por lo que debe haber parecido una eternidad y mi corazón estalló como fui testigo de este amor de padre para su hija y el próximo capítulo en su vida.

Thank God for joy is all I can think of when I look at this photo. I was so grateful for those who stood up and were able to lift the intesity of the moment ot bursts of laughter. It was like a burst of cool air in a humid desert. Relief from the heaviness of it all and pure revival in the heart.
I watched the waitresses stand in the back of the room and cry as they listened to each father bless the Bride and Groom. I saw the waiter stand silent as he listened to Luke profess his utmost adoration for Marcela and thank his parents for their incredible example of love and commitment. I was super grateful for interpreteurs relaying messages throughout the evening because it was obvious that regardless of countries, cultures, languages or nationalities, Love has no defining boundaries. What an incredible moment to participate in. Thank you, Luke and Marcela. My eyes are watering as I relive the evening and I feel so fortunate to know you both.
God bless you and your incredible families.

Gracias a Dios por la alegría es todo lo que puedo pensar cuando veo esta foto. Yo estaba tan agradecida por los que se puso de pie y fueron capaces de levantar la intensidad de los estallidos de los momentos de OT de la risa. Fue como una ráfaga de aire fresco en un desierto húmedo. El alivio de la pesadez de todo y la reactivación pura en el corazón.
Vi las camareras de pie en el fondo de la sala y llorar al escuchar a cada padre bendiga a los novios. Vi el camarero de pie en silencio mientras escuchaba a profesar su adoración Lucas máxima de Marcela y agradecer a sus padres por su increíble ejemplo de amor y compromiso. Yo estaba agradecido super interpreteurs transmisión de los mensajes en toda la noche porque era evidente que, con independencia de los países, culturas, lenguas y nacionalidades, el amor no tiene fronteras definir. Lo que un momento increíble para participar pulg Gracias, Lucas y Marcela. Mis ojos son de riego como revivir la noche y me siento tan afortunada de conocer a los dos.
Dios los bendiga a ustedes ya sus familias increíble.


Photo shoots are an interesting thing, especially when: 1. I haven’t met the subjects prior to the shoot and 2. I have no idea what the location is going to present. The combination basically means I have no idea what to expect and that’s the way I like it. It forces me to be creative on-the-fly so to speak. No pre-planning, no bias, just raw, on the spot surprise. That was the case with Melissa’s maternity shoot and I have to say it couldn’t have turned out any better.

Indoor images were taken in natural window light with a Nikon D700.

Demetrius came in for a few shots in between football plays. He’s going to make a great father.

What a joy to meet you both and I’m looking forward to meeting your beautiful baby very soon.