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Let me just say that the overall atmosphere during the entire day was so relaxed and mellow that I almost forgot it was a wedding. Colby has peace oozing out of her pores and it was tangible at times. Her and Justin were married at Glenn Memorial and after the ceremony, all guests joined in for a beautiful walk to Michael C. Carlos Museum 2 blocks away. There was no stress, nobody trying to run the show or call the shots, everything just flowed like a leaf down a river.

There were many details incorporated during the day that had great meaning to Colby such as this handkerchief that had been passed down through 5 generations of women.  Underneath is Colby’s mom, Angela, as she cuts off a piece of a small teddy bear that has been with Colby through every bit of her life.  There isn’t much left of him now and he lives in a box staying safe and sheltered but there was no way he was going to miss her wedding so Angela cut a piece of cloth from his weathered body and pinned it inside Colby’s dress.  He’s always been there for her and a wedding gown wasn’t going to stop him today

Like many of my clients, Colby and Justin decided to do a first glance meeting so they could spend time with guests after the ceremony.  It’s such a sweet time to be with them right before they become husband and wife.

Colby’s 95 year old grandmother was given the honor of leading the parade to the reception.  She was given this really cool wand, stick, staff thing that lit up and she didn’t let go of it the rest of the night,  It was classic as she raised her wand and sang, ‘We’re marching on to Zion” and little Caroline was close behind yelling at the top of her lungs, “Come and join our parade!”

The couple met becuase of their dog, Rory so of course dogs were a part of the theme.

The food was incredible! Marti Schimmel from Marti’s at Midday came back into the catering business for a day and blew everyone’s socks off.

I love the image below, a reflection of the dance floor shot out of the 2nd floor window.

Grandma had just tapped him a few times on his behind and this was her reaction when she got busted.  She was hilarious.

Congratulations Colby and Justin.  It was a total pleasure to be a part of your wedding.

Want to see more?  Then check out their slideshow HERE

I love being around engaged couples. I love observing how they interact with one another and the non-verbal communication that goes on between them.
Ron gets attention from total strangers because he’s so buff. They think he’s a football star.
Tamara is just a star, period. She shines.

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I met Willie a few months ago while practicing my salsa moves at Eclipse Di Luna. He is an fantastic musician and I was honored to shoot a few images for his new CD coming out in the very near future. (I already have my copy!)  You don’t want to miss it if you like Latin music.

All images were shot in the driveway portion of his home.  That’s a big myth ya know, that you need some amazing location.  The yellow background is my toyota.  Just gotta be creative, that’s all.

They have incredible energy together and it keeps things exciting being around them. Anthony is constantly joking around and making her laugh which in turn makes me laugh. Joy is one of those things that feels intoxicating so it was no problem to drive to Athens, where they met, to shoot for a few hours.
Anthony lives in Los Angeles where he works in the film and movie industry and Rhoneda is here planning their fabulous wedding for November. She is soft spoken, sophisticated and full of class. She keeps him organized and as he puts it, looking stylish. You’re doing a great job, Rhoneda.

I had to put this photo in because every time we passed a recycle can he wanted his picture taken. Rhoneda got him started a while back and they both say that he is out of control now. I remember when I met with them in the spring, he took my water bottle with him so he could recycle it instead of thoring it in the trash. I know it made me think about recycling a lot more. I was happy to report to then of my progress and gladly took his picture with the bins.

I’m really excited about their wedding in Cordele this Novemeber. It’s going to be full of pure awesomeness.

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