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DJ Anthony and his family

When Madison said she wanted a party with a DJ for her 13th birthday the first thing I did was think “trade.” Surely DJ’s need great pictures of themselves so how about you come and DJ for me and I’ll give you a fabulous photo shoot? Win, win if you ask me. The first guy I asked didn’t seem that interested, (cha!) but it was all my good fortune to find Anthony Hylton because he did an amazing job. The kids loved it and he was happy to be there rockin the music until we had to tell him to stop. His system was portable and high tech and you could tell that he really enjoys what he does.

I met his family a few weeks later and spent time chasing Nina, their 15 month old little darling and chatting and capturing moments between Anthony and his beautiful bride Michelle.  Here are some of my favorites and if you ever need a DJ, you won’t be disappointed with DJ ANT