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Tifiny + Telly {04.four.09}

Tifiny Johnson, daughter of Bishop Flynn Johnson and Lady Carolyn entered into a convenant of marriage to her knight in shining armour, Telly Harris at the W Hotel in Midtown and it was the first ceremony I have shot where I cried so hard that I couldn’t shoot becuase I couldn’t see. For real.
There were emotions before it began because I love this family and being able to rejoice with someone you love is one step up from celebrating with an aquaintance. The Johnson’s pastor one of the most amazing churches I have ever been a part of and so I knew more than the fair amount of people who were involved.

The theme was all about the heart, as it should be. Larry from Fox Gloves and Ivy and Greg Brown AIFD created a super unique bridal boquet for Tifiny. I’ve never seen anything like it and I don’t think anyone else had either.

The bride and groom met through a friend who had challenged Tifiny to get his phone number. Telly knew after their first conversation that she could be the one. 

The ceremony was very powerful.  Bishop Johnson, father and officiant, has a way with words for sure but when Helena Barrington, a friend to all, spoke her blessing over them, she hit the mark of every woman’s heart in the room.  “You can breathe now, you can rest now, he is here to carry the load that has been on your shoulders. You have carried it for long enough,” she said.  Of course there was so much more but even Telly was humbled by the weight of her words and as he layed his head in her hands and wept, time stood still for a few moments as a transition took place from two to one.

The new Mr. and Mrs. Harris.  Congratulations!

Bishop Flynn and Lady Carolyn are a wonderful exampl of marriage and commitment. I love this picture of them

Thank you for letting me be a part of such a wonderful day. Best Wishes to you both.
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